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ideas that inspire, sensible strategy & creative
communications that move people to action

What's Your Story?

We know your organization has important story and we believe you should tell it. From a potential recruit's first encounter to an employee's last day and beyond, we'll help you shape the messages you want to share, motivate employees to take desired actions, and help you create and sustain your unique culture.  

What We Are Known For

Ampersand Communications is known for ideating, creating and delivering:
Memorable total rewards & health/wellness communications programs.

We provide:

  • Original ideas & compelling strategy that make a positive impact on people’s lives. It’s our passion to find new ways to solve problems and communicate in ways that inspire, motivate, inform and delight people and get results.
  • Meticulous project management that goes far beyond managing timelines and deliverables. We motivate team members to contribute at their highest level and we are tenacious in keeping all the balls in the air.
  • Collaborative Team Building. We work as an extension of your team and engage effectively across roles in HR, Internal Communications and Marketing. We are known to bring a high dose of fun and creativity, while making people feel good about reaching goals together.
Creative communications that move people to action


  • Make an impact across all mediums with our creative execution. We are strategic in considering how communications will be delivered, received and understood most effectively in electronic, online and traditional print formats.
  • Are responsive, timely & efficient in delivering the highest-quality work
  • Don’t discriminate projects by size. No project is too large. Nor too small. Whether you need a multi-year program or a quick turnaround on a benefits information campaign, we excel in ensuring the writing, production, team coordination, and delivery are the best. We bring in the experts when needed; they are there when you need them and not when you don’t.
    • High-integrity leadership and trusted partnership

      We are a respectful thought leader who listens, advises, collaborates and provides sound counsel for problem solving, strategy and execution of results-focused communications.

    Who we are

    Christy Vaillant is Ampersand Communications’ owner and Chief Communications Strategist. Christy is a trusted adviser, strategist and communications expert with seasoned experience in the following industries – retail, food, health care, wellness, consumer packaged goods (CPG), financial services, insurance and manufacturing.

    Christy is known for strategic and effective communications and managing projects that have and make an impact on people. She has owned Ampersand Communication and delighted her clients since 1999.

    Christy surrounds herself and partners with other talented experts in the fields of graphic design, employment branding, online media, and print media to deliver the highest quality, innovative solutions to her clients

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    What we do


    Customized planning to help you achieve your goals

    Project Management

    Meticulous attention to your strategy, budget and timeline

    Content Creation

    Clear and creative communications for a variety of mediums

    Tactical Execution

    Top-notch writing, production, team coordination and delivery

    Ampersand Communications

    Learn more about the advantages of working with a respectful thought leader who listens, advises, collaborates and provides sound counsel for problem solving, strategy and execution of results-focused communications